Studio Relationships

Our productive studio relationships enable us to select and play high-performing films that appeal to our patrons . We continuously develop promotional strategies that improve our studio partners’ exposure to and capture of the Hispanic movie patron.

Media Relationships

Strong media relationships are critical to our success. We work very closely with top Hispanic Media outlets in each of our markets to maximize both of our goals in reaching the Hispanic consumer.
We develop custom promotions in partnership with these media outlets, offering well-targeted activities and value that engage and benefit both their readers/listeners/viewers and our patrons.

Comminity And Business

Our Community and Business Partners help us increase attendance in each of our markets. Working closely with community organizations and local businesses, we offer private screening events and create unique cross promotions that provide a great Cinema Latino experience and value to patrons and partners alike.

Quality Partnerships

Sonora and Cinema Latino cultivate quality partnerships in the exhibition industry to complement and support our unique movie-going experience.