About Sonora Entertainment
Sonora Entertainment Group is the parent company of Cinema Latino, the leading circuit of Spanish-language movie theaters in the United States. Founded in 2001, Cinema Latino is the first theater chain to recognize and meet the entertainment demands of U.S. Hispanics by offering a culturally relevant movie-going experience en español.
We exhibit first run movies from Hollywood and Latin America, dubbed/subtitled in Spanish, then enhance that Latin flavor by adding "elementos tradicionales" - Latin music, concession products, and other aesthetic elements to the overall atmosphere.
By leveraging strategic partnerships with Hollywood studios and local media outlets in each market, Cinema Latino has built a loyal customer base and is constantly attracting new patrons who recognize the unique and value-driven experience it offers.

Currently operating in four markets - Aurora, CO; Fort Worth, TX; Pasadena, TX; and Phoenix , AZ, Sonora Entertainment group plans to open Cinema Latino locations in all significant Hispanic markets in the United States.

Sonora Entertainment Group is located in Aurora, CO.

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